stealth aircraft

stealth aircraft
ЛА з низьким рівнем демаскуючих ознак; літак-невидимка

Англійсько-український словник авіаційних термінів / Уклад.: Р.О. Гільченко. - К.: НАУ. 2009.

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  • Stealth aircraft — are aircraft that use stealth technology to make it harder to be detected by radar and other means than conventional aircraft by employing a combination of features to reduce visibility in the visual, audio, infrared and radio frequency (RF)… …   Wikipedia

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  • Stealth ship — A stealth ship is a ship which employs stealth technology construction techniques in an effort to ensure that it is harder to detect by one or more of radar, visual, sonar, and infrared methods. These techniques borrow from stealth aircraft… …   Wikipedia

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  • stealth — (n.) mid 13c., theft, action or practice of stealing, from O.E. *stælþ, which is related to stelen (see STEAL (Cf. steal)), from P.Gmc. *stælitho (Cf. O.N. stulþr). Sense of secret action developed c.1300, but the word also retained its… …   Etymology dictionary

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